The Point VillasThe Story

During the early years of the last century, Lake Taupo was a remote haven enjoyed by only a few. But amongst those who did manage a regular intrepid foray across the mountains to holiday at the lake were Peggy and John Butler, maternal grandparents of Point Villas owner, Peg Bull. They were often accompanied by their son, Harry, and daughter, Margaret (Peg's mother), and their friends.

The Butlers' fondness for the region lead to them, in 1936, to acquire land at Whakamoenga Point, on which lay historic caves and an old Maori Pa site. This is the land which has come to be known as "The Point" and on which sit The Point Villas. The Point by this time was beginning to recover its vegetation and charm after earlier ravages. But since access remained difficult, in order to enjoy the area the family would journey to their land by launch.

By the end of the 1950s, a rough, dusty road had been carved out from Acacia Bay. That allowed Peg's parents, Margaret and Bob Gower, to forge a track through the bush from the edge of the property to the sheltered spot on the south east of the Point that is now The Boat Harbour. There, on the lake edge, a caravan became a favourite holiday home for the growing family, and soon a cottage was built above, on the Point's prow.

The Gower family decided to create the current estate at the end of the 1980s, with the 50 hectares of land subdivided to provide private residential sites within an environmentally-sensitive setting. Of primary importance to the Gowers as they undertook this project was the need to preserve the area in as original a state as possible, and with this in mind they entered into a covenant with the local Taupo Council that has ensured the land will remain protected in perpetuity.

It was in this setting that Peg Bull decided to build The Point Villas. Designed by architect David Page, and completed in 2002, the two villas do not simply showcase Peg's flair for providing comfort combined with style. These handsome villas merge into and embrace the surrounding land in a manner that so much reflects Peg's heritage and respect for the place she has always loved.

In keeping with the Butler/Gower/Bull tradition, Peg's children and grandchildren continue to holiday at The Point, revelling in all the estate has to offer.